Laura Wild's

Wonder Girl

Here’s  how it happened, I was going for a walk along The East Hampton Georgica Pond when my long, wavy brown hair fell in front of my face so I didn’t see the root sticking out of the ground.  I tripped and fell into the pond.  Gasping, I swallowed a mouthful of gross pond water.
“Violet Buttersworth, what do you think you’re doing?!”

I groaned.  Through my hair, my green eyes spotted my annoying neighbor Mrs. Wellard.  She had white hair that was always pulled back in a tight bun and had a pale face.

“I fell into the pond, Ma’am.” I told her while pulling myself out of the pond.

“You are clumsier than I thought.”  She answered.  Then she turned on her heel and walked away.  I shook my head and then headed home trying to get rid of the icky feeling I was getting.

The next day I was feeling even worse but I still had to go to school.  At school my teacher told the 5th grade class that they had to share their   author presentations we were supposed to finish over the weekend to the whole class.  Well, that would have been fine if I had done it.  But I didn’t, and now I’m supposed to share…what?

“Who wants to go first?” Ms. Remer asked.  I hid my head in a book, praying that she wouldn’t call on me.

“How about Violet.”

I groaned silently.

“Well I had a lot to do this weekend so I sort of forgot…”


I flinched.  I could feel myself turning red.

“Young lady this is the 3rd time this week!”

I wished I were invisible.

“Violet where did you go!” Ms. Remer asked.

“What do you mean? I’m right here.” I answered.  Then I started my bad habit of chewing my hair.  Only when I did, I found out that my hands and hair were gone.  I gasped and looked at my legs, GONE. My arms, GONE.  And finally, my chest, GONE!!! I remembered wishing I was invisible and decided to see if I could reverse it.  I closed my eyes and willed myself to go back to being visible.  When I opened them I saw that my hands, hair, legs, arms and chest were back! I grinned.

“What do you think you’re smiling at?  First you don’t do your homework and then you disappear and you think that’s funny?”

I forgot I was still in school.

“No sir I mean ma-”


“Sorry, gotta go! I have swim practice!”

I sped out the room with Ms. Remer staring after me.

As soon as I got home I changed into my bathing suit, ate a muffin, hopped on my bike and took off to the pool.  When I got to the pool, I realized that none of my teammates were there yet. I decided to do a quick warm up. So I dove into the pool and began to swim laps. As I started breaststroke I started to realize that I wasn’t breathing out of my nose under water. I opened my eyes in surprise and found out that I could see underwater perfectly without having my eyes sting. I gasped expecting to swallow water but I didn’t! I was breathing under water!!

After swim practice I was jogging home when a woman began to scream!

“Help me! Help me! A man just stole my purse!”

She shrieked. The man ran past me.  I gasped and tore after the man running as fast as I could.  I could feel myself shrinking but I didn’t stop.  I dropped on all fours and felt the wind in my fur?   I stopped in surprise. I was a CHEETAH!!  I shook myself, I didn’t have time for this.  I was sprinting after him, quickly gaining on him.  I pounced on him and tackled him to the ground.  He dropped the purse in surprise.  I turned back into a human and punched him in the nose.  But the man wasn’t giving up yet.  He bowled me over onto my back and pinned me to the ground.  I turned invisible and he let go.

“HEY!! Where’d you go!”

“I’m over here!”

I taunted him while side stepping a blow.  I kicked him in the shin.  Then moved over so he was punching midair.  I charged him and brought both my fists on his nose.  The man howled and fled.  I turned into a cheetah again and chased him again.  The man ran to the pool and dove in. I dove in after him and turned into a dolphin!  When I caught up to him I turned back into a human and grabbed his legs, pulling him through the water.  I looked back and saw him desperately trying to get above the surface.  I had forgotten he couldn’t breathe under water.  I pushed above the water and let him breathe for two seconds before pulling him back under.  I dragged him out of the pool and onto the side.  I turned into a bear and held his hands tightly behind his back.  I walked him over to the police that the lady had called.  I quickly turned back into a human before they freaked out.  They handcuffed him and put him in the squad car.

“Thankyou!  You’re a real Wonder Girl!”

The lady told me.  Huh that had a nice ring to it, Wonder Girl!

The next day at school Ms. Remer came up to me.  I figured she was going to congratulate me like everyone else. Instead she warned me.

“If you walk out on me one more time I will send you to the principal’s office young lady.”

I had forgotten about the day before.

“I understand.”

I realized that I might be a superhero but that unfortunately doesn’t mean I live a different school life.  But for now I have to save the world before and after school.

“Hey Wonder Girl that man just stole money from the bank!”

Gotta Go!