Joseph Eduardo Artwork

The Adventures of Super Kid

It was a sunny afternoon in the city of Dragonmount, the streets were loud with cars honking and people hollering for taxies. I was sitting on my desk doing my math homework waiting for my bus thinking that nothing exciting will ever happen… But I was wrong

At school my class was going to a museum. We were split into groups of four me John, Gabe, and Steph. “ Yo, David which exhibit do you wanna see first?” John said.

“Let’s go see the Marie Curie exhibit.” I said

“Sure” They all said in unison!

As we walked to the exhibit Gabe said “ How bout we stay in the exhibit until night?”

“Uhhhh I’m not so sure we should” I said

“C’mon” he said “ Have a little fun for once goody two shoes.”

It was nine o’clock pm, nobody in the museum. “Can’t believe we haven’t been caught” I said.

“ So, what do ya wanna do?” John said. “I kinda wanna take out the radioactive stuff in the glass casing”

“ David, I dare you to do it” Steph said.

“Sure” I said. As I lifted the top off of the glass and pulled the gloves out I felt a surge of energy “Guys I think that something’s different about me”

“Ooooh you have superpowers, dude try using telekinesis on me, I’m so scared” John said. I did what he said and before I knew it he hovering in the air!

“ Dude put me down or I’ll puke” John said in a high pitched voice. As I put him down he mumbled“ it’s not like you can fly or breathe fire or ice.” I heard him so I tried and it worked!

“ David I take back everything…”

“Hey Henry I’m in the museum and I think I’m hearing voices” a Stranger said. “At least I have my P-99 with me”

“ Nah it’s probably in your head,” Another man said a walkie talkie. “ Did you disable the video surveillance system?”

“ Yeah Charles” the stranger replied. “ I’m going to get Ben Franklin’s kite”…

“Not on my watch thief” David said.

“Listen kid, I don’t know who you are ,but go home to your mommy and daddy and I’ll leave you alone.”

I flew over to the criminal and froze him with my ice breath. “It will be nice to see you go to jail. Ok, Steph call the police while I bring this criminal outside.”

“Okay boss” Steph answered.