Jennifer Cabrera Artwork

Super Kid

My parents have been wondering why have I been hiding in my room for the past month. My parents don’t know, but you will when I tell you. I have not been in my bedroom I’ve been out and saving the city because I’m a SuperHero!! My super powers are the best you can’t even imagine. I have super speed, camouflage , super strength and I can fly.

Ring, Ring, Ring!! I heard from the closet, where my super phone is hidden.  I went in the closet to answer it.  Slam went the door. I changed as fast as I could.  I was told that someone stole money from the bank and stole a car and it has a little kid in the backseat.  I flew faster than ever before.  I looked down on the scene and realized I knew the kid in the backseat.  It was my  brother in there!  I heard the car Squeak! Beep! Beep! Eeeer! I stopped the car with my super strength. The police took the man to jail. I took my brother out of the car I handed my brother to my mom.  I tried to turn away quickly, but my mom recognized me and then she knew I was a super hero. When we all got home I explained to my mom everything.