Evelin Romera Artwork

The Adventures of Super Kid

Super kid was a girl named Amy . She loves helping people in need. Her superpowers  are reading minds and flying.

In New York City , 2005, Amy was walking normally through the streets. She always stops at the candy store to buy her favorite candy, a Hershey Bar.

On the way home,  Amy heard a women screaming on the next street.  She ran as fast as she can and saw a woman and a big guy fighting over a purse.

Amy ran to the telephone station and opened the door and put on the suit on.  She flew up into the sky and  was chasing the bad guy.  Amy got  the purse  and gave it back to the woman. She replied “thank you so much. “  “You’re welcome” replied Amy. The police came and took the big guy to jail.

At the end Amy will always save the day. She will always believe in herself and she will always help people.