Super Kid

Belle’s book

Woah!  Said all the students in Mrs. Cooper’s class.  Mrs. Cooper was reading all the children a story called Super GirlAll the children were listening to the book very carefully and all were very into the book.  In Mrs. Cooper’s class there is a girl named Belle who is almost 10 years old and has beautiful brown hair and glimmering bright green eyes and is very kind.  She felt a special connection with the book that she couldn’t explain.

Later that day when she got home she told her mom about the book.   Belles mom said that if she liked the book that much that she would buy it for Belle.  Belles mom did buy the book for her and Belle LOVED the book so much.  The next night Belle was having trouble falling asleep so she decided to read her book.  Then when she opened the book it started glowing on her bed, but when she touched the book….“Ouch! It shocked me” Belle uttered, the shock made her sleepy so she just went to bed.  In the morning Belle felt strange and didn’t feel like herself.  It was Monday and Belle had to get ready for school know matter how strange she felt.

Six days later Belle was reading her book when her dad scared her by shouting boo, but something strange happened her dad said “she must be downstairs” and the weird part was she was sitting on her bed right in front of him.  She walked over to her mirror and stood right in front of it and now she couldn’t even see herself.  She was scared and panicking so she ran downstairs to ask her mom what is going on.  The only thing she remembers is taking one step and then she was downstairs.  Belle thought for a moment and realized something, she was shocked by a book called Super Girl last night, so was it possible that she is super girl?  “It’s all coming to me now”! Belle exclaimed, I can turn invisible and I have super speed!  She told her mom but she didn’t believe her.  Then she told her dad but he didn’t believe her.  She even told her best friend Mallory.  Belle was furious that nobody believed her.  She was so mad in the moment that she thought if nobody could believe her then nobody needed her so she ran away.

Belle only took some clothes, a hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste and some snacks such as- a couple granola bars, trail mix, 3 bags of popcorn and some water bottles. She put them in a bag then was on her way. Belle thought that if she could turn invisible than she could at least attempt to fly.  Luckily it worked and she could fly because that would have been a long and tiring walk.  When Belle was tired and needed a break from flying  she laid down by a big tree and had a snack she also became a little scared because she had no idea where she was.  About ten minutes later Belle had another strange feeling but it wasn’t, homesick, it wasn’t that she was scared  and it wasn’t even like the shock sort of tired feeling that she felt when the book shocked her and gave her powers.  This feeling is much more powerful  than any of the other feeling, it was as though something was calling her.

Belle didn’t know why but she had a feeling that she needed to get home fast.  She just had one problem, where is home?  Belle thought really hard as to how she can get home.  Then she realized that she can fly up high and look for her town.  When she did, she saw the big museum that is near her house.  So she headed in that direction. When she got home Belle saw a big wrecking ball tearing down houses of the innocent people in the town.  She knew that this was her time to prove that she does have super powers and is capable of saving the day. Belle isn’t a kid she’s a Super Kid and she is determined to save the day.  She flew around to see who was controlling the wrecking ball and tearing down the whole town.  Belle couldn’t believe her eyes it was her teacher Mrs. Cooper!  Belle was astonished.  She didn’t want to defeat her teacher but she knew  she had to. Belle turned invisible and went to her house to get scissors and a screw.  Then, Belle unscrewed a piece of the wrecking ball machine that revealed all the wires and other things that control the machine, Belle is only in 3rd grade so she doesn’t know what wires control what, so she just cut all of them.  Boom! The machine stopped working. Now Belle needs to take care of Mrs. Cooper. Belle could have just taken Mrs. Cooper to jail but Belle wanted to give Mrs. Cooper a fright so she flew REALLY high to spook Mrs. Cooper. After Belle was a hero and had that reputation ever since.