Axel Herrera Artwork

The Adventures of Super Kid

Whoosh! Jim Jackson flew across the sky, over his home town, Metro City.  He didn’t always have super powers.  He was just an average kid, who attended an average school, and who lived in an average house.  This is Jim’s Story.  This is how Super Kid was born!

It was a hot summer day, when Jim was walking home from school alone and unsupervised.  Jim’s mom, Betty Jackson, warned him not to go near the abandoned laboratory.  The lab was quite close to the middle school. Jim went to the lab anyway, disobeying his mother’s rules.

Curious, Jim headed  into the lab.  it was spooky in there.  Jim tip-toed into the lab.  He was quite curious about the contraption in front of him. He stepped inside and the door closed behind him.  The machine began to flicker. Then the machine exploded taking the lab with it.

When Jim woke up, there was a car on top of him.  Jim lifted as hard as he could. And without any trouble, he lifted the car. Trying to show off, Jim spun the car on his pinky. “I’m strong?” Jim asked himself. “I’m strong!” repeated Jim, yelling this time.

Then Jim ran home and he was so fast he arrived at his house in three seconds flat! He then believed he could use these powers for good. Jim raced up to his room excitedly.  He then got out the sewing machine he got for Christmas.  He then sewed a costume out of spandex.

When it was done, Jim came down stairs. His mother, Betty was watching the news and gasping. Aliens from space were destroying Metro City.  “We are calling on anyone to help save Metro City, anyone!” the reporter explained. This looks like a job for Super Kid.

To Be Continued….