“Honey get your costume on” “Okay mom”.  It’s October 31, and my Mom made my Halloween costume this year.  I’m not too happy with my costume, I’m a superhero. The costume has a helmet it was a small gray helmet my mom decorated with flame I do like the flames. It’s just a gray one-zee and black gloves.  Five minutes later I’m out of my house. “ Oh hi Antony”  “ Hi Jake” Jake is my best friend ever since 2nd grade.  I’m so ready for Halloween!

Mom dropped me out at Jake’s house.  Me and Jake went to all the houses in the world and I found this cool and creepy house.  I was not scared or creeped out, it was in the middle of a big field I thought it was a haunted house. The house was made out of wood and the windows were broken.  I live next to Jake’s town, but you still would have to drive there. Jake has never mentioned this house to me, why?

The door opened by itself.  I went inside. Whoosh Ah! I didn’t know what it was. I ran for my life my tears were flying off my face until I fell down to the ground and I fainted.  When I woke up I was out of the creepy house the creepy house was gone. It was morning and I wondered if my mom and Jake were worried.  I knew I was in Jake’s town.  I went to Jake’s house  he looked worried sick he said he had called the cops and they could not find me and that my Mom was crying.  Jake took me home. I went to my bedroom and my costume was on my bed.  Mom kissed my forehead ten million times. I put on my costume

My costume was so different it looked brand new like the number one costume maker made it I put it one even though it was not Halloween I felt powerful.  My legs hurt a lot because of running so fast in that creepy house.  I went to eat a snack.  Strange my feet did not  hurt I looked down I was flying.  I went to touch the light ball and I did. Oh  wow I always wanted to fly. Then 30 minutes later I ran to my room to change into my normal clothes for school, before I even took a step I was already there.  I guess my second power is speed,  I ran to school. Then, I found out I could become invisible. This was the best day of my life!

I had so much fun learning what my powers were I had to tell my mom. When I told my mom she took me to the hospital.  I told my mom I was  not sick and that I did not feel bad I was happy. They took me in a room I said “I’m not feeling bad, my mom just took me here randomly.”   The doctor said I had weird blood cells that can give me more abilities. After that I was confused like how did this happen. The next day I woke up to screams of people. I quickly went outside what I saw was crazy a kid with my abilities.

I knew what I had to do.  I flew to the point  where I could reach him.  I became invisible and tried to punch him 10 times.  Then I ran around him when he tried to punch me. My costume magically was on me again.  The guy punched me on my cheek and  I fell.  It hurt a lot, but I could not stand to lose.  I stood up and kicked the guy he fainted and the cops got him.

I went home where my mom was pressing on my cheek to make sure it was ok.  I turned on the T.V. It said on the news that the guy I just defeated was an alien disguised as a human.  The alien also disguised his spaceship as the creepy house.   It  also tested humans to see their abilities.  That made so much sense.  Later that day my doctor called to tell my mom that the alien was trying to test me, but something went wrong and it gave me abilities like an alien.  Now everybody calls me Super Kid.  I guess I am a hero.