Aerial Santos Artwork

Hi I’m Santana, but my superhero name is Venus.   I have super powers.  It wasn’t like Spiderman though it was like superman I was born with them. My powers are making things move with my mind and I can make someone explode with my fireball I throw, I’m not that good at that if I keep practicing I can get better, oh… and I can see the future. My parents are superheroes too. Oh,  also my sisters Samantha and Belle, but they went to Florida for a mini vacation.

Right now I’m at school in the classroom learning geography which is real boring.  I usually just play with my pencil, but today is different, I don’t why but I just could feel it.  I was hoping I could get a Premonition, but I couldn’t anyways, just to let you know I’m in 9th grade.

As I was at school, everyone looked out  the window we saw everyone running and yelling.  I thought to myself what are they running from?

That moment,  I saw a muscled man with little black vines surrounding him and attacking the city.  But then I saw a boy he looked around my age.  He had blond hair and blue eyes he looked like he was a superhero like me.  He was trying to fight the mysterious man.

I went to the bathroom and said to myself I have to help even if it exposes my family.   I changed and I went out to help.   Everyone gasped when I went out but that wasn’t the problem right now. I lifted myself up and started helping the boy.  He saw me and looked confused. I tried making a fire ball big but I couldn’t, I only blew some vines. Before we could do anything else he tried to escape,  but we chased him down until he was trapped.

I saw my family come to help, but the villain grabbed them.  I got so furious I could feel the fire inside.  The next thing I knew there was a huge fireball.  The boy was looking at me and said “do it” so I threw it at him.  I don’t think he died I think he’s unconscious which is a relief. Finally, I hugged them all and was so excited I got all my powers to work.  There is one problem…everyone knew who we were so after we put him in jail everyone was looking at us and actually they didn’t mind so we stayed.  I looked at the boy and we talked a lot I found out his name its  Junior Puckerman, but his friends call him Puck.  His parents are heroes too, we actually became the best friends forever and it was nice to have him around as a fighting buddy. Well, I am so happy that the man was put in jail, let’s hope he doesn’t escape…