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PAPER, PAPER EVERYWHERE? EC Document Service can help!

By November 30, 2018C&A Blog

EC Document Management ServiceIn today’s world there is so much that we need to document.  Remember the saying – “If you did not document it, You did not do it”?  The stakes could not be higher when your TJC Survey team arrives. The C&A EC Document Management Service is our brand-new service-line designed to provide support to your organization in organizing your EC/LS documents.

The Joint Commission recently updated their list of required documents and have made it very clear that the expectation is that these documents be ready for them the moment they arrive.  The list of Environment of Care and Life Safety Documents seems never-ending and overwhelming.  Not only do you need to make certain that these inspections and reports were completed in the appropriate time frame, but that the reports also reflect an assessment to the most current regulatory requirements and that the results were acceptable or corrective actions were taken and documented. And often, focusing on the paperwork becomes our lowest priority when other work calls.

The team at C&A knows your struggle, and has designed a solution… better yet, let’s call it a partnership.   The foundation of our EC Document Service is to assist you in ensuring that your documentation is complete, well-organized and compliant with the standards. Our review will look to verify that inspections are completed at the prescribed frequency, reports are received and filed appropriately and that the inspection is based upon the current code and regulatory requirements.  In addition, you will receive real-time feedback on any open issues on those reports so that appropriate actions and documentation can occur.  Conducted on a quarterly basis, these visits also provide a just in time educational moment for your Facilities/Life Safety Team to learn from our experts about the requirements and the intent behind them.

Sound like the help you need? Learn more about our EC Document program or request more information.

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