Pandemic Management: Strategies to Prevent the Spread of COVID 19


Pandemic Management in times of crisisPandemic Management strategies are needed to prevent spread of any infectious disease. Worldwide cooperation and coordination is necessary. Containment is key in preventing person to person transmission. Incident Command is critical for coordinated responses. Individual and community activities can be initiated to prevent spread and to ensure that everyone  knows what to do and has the resources to do it. Although high risk and vulnerable populations are more susceptible, no one is immune. We can improve our approach and learn from actions others have taken that have been effective in preventing spread.

Learn more about infectious pandemic management strategies used with Covid-19, and approaches to prevent spread from our Pandemic Management presentation.

Learn & Apply:

  • Gain an understanding of infection prevention approaches that everyone can use
  • Recognize Standard Precautions and Transmission-Based Precautions and what is needed for each
  • Be able to employ prevention strategies for global outbreaks to preview community spread and deadly consequences

Meet the course instructor on Pandemic Management

Judy Courtemanche has served in healthcare for more than 4 decades as an administrator and nurse. She has worked in many healthcare settings and served in leadership, managerial, educational and nursing roles. Judy worked in accreditation as a field surveyor, team leader and faculty for The Joint Commission. In addition, she has served healthcare organizations and systems as a regulatory consultant and educator for the past 26 years, troubleshooting and assisting physicians, leaders and staff to successfully overcome regulatory challenges through understanding, education and creative solutions for difficult issues.

Learn approaches for prevention of infection spread that everyone can use.  Interested in our Nursing Contact Hours opportunity?

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