Onsite Education

Are you tired of boring regulatory presentations, yet need to provide your staff and leaders with ongoing TJC & CMS education? Let our dynamic consultants develop presentations and curriculums for you that are fun and interactive. We can tailor curriculum to meet your exact learning needs and send our expert consultants to you. We can craft half day or full day learning experience for your leaders, medical staff, regulatory drivers and other staff to become immersed in the foundations of care and engaged in the topics at hand.

Popular Educational Topics

Our most popular educational topics include:

Current Joint Commission (TJC) Survey Process
Hot Topics & Frequently Scoring Standards
CMS Survey Process – How to Prepare for the Unexpected
Infection Control & Prevention – Risks and Strategies for Success
Life Safety & Environment of Care
Emergency Management
Accreditation & Regulatory Requirements as the Foundation to Patient Safety
Leadership & Medical Staff

Our educational programs provide insights, how-to tips from experts in the field as well as the latest interpretations of current accreditation, regulatory and patient safety topics. Contact us by using the form below for more information