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By February 4, 2019On the Radar

Recently The Joint Commission released their 2019 Survey Activity Guide.  The Guide is designed to provide important information to aide you and your organization in being better prepared for your survey.  The Guide addresses all the Accreditation and Certification programs.

While the Hospital Accreditation program does not contain any new requirements, those accredited in the Ambulatory Health Care-Office Based Surgery, Behavioral Health, Home Care and Nursing Care Center Accreditation programs will see a new focus on Culture of Safety and will need to include the data results of their most recent Culture of Safety and Quality Evaluation as a component of their Required Documents. All items listed on the Required Documents list need to be made readily available to your survey team upon their arrival at your organization.

Another new focus area for Ambulatory Health Care, Office-Based Surgery, and Critical Access Hospitals will see additional surveyor inquiry into how the organization is achieving compliance with the new pain standards that took effect on January 1, 2019 for those accreditation programs. Surveyors will assess the organization’s progress during tracer activities, staff interviews and during the Orientation to the Organization, Data Management and Leadership Interview Sessions.

The Joint Commission Laboratory Accreditation Program will also need to provide the data results of it’s Culture of Safety and Quality Evaluation along with providing the survey team a copy of their CMS Form -209 regarding Laboratory Personnel.

Follow the below link to access the 2019 Survey Activity Guide on The Joint Commission website.

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