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National Patient Safety Goals 2020 – Required Written Documentation

By October 21, 2019C&A Blog

NPSG.03.06.01 Maintain and communicate accurate patient medication information. EP4: Provide the patient (or family as needed) with written information on the medications the patient should be taking when he or she is discharged from the hospital or at the end of an outpatient encounter (for example, name, dose, route, frequency, purpose).

Remember that any written information or communication we have with patients must be in a language they prefer and in a manner they can understand.  National Patient Safety Goals often cross other chapters and elements of performance.  We want to encourage everyone to review policies and procedures related to providing patients information about their medications after discharge from the hospital OR at the end of an outpatient encounter (i.e. surgical procedures, etc).

For more information the 2020 National Patient Safety Goals, follow this link: https://www.jointcommission.org/hap_2017_npsgs/

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