Managing Resources During this Challenging Time

Managing Resources – during this time when the number of ventilated patients is surging and the need for oxygen or other medical gases are being demanded – make sure your medical gas systems are able to keep up. Liquid oxygen systems are being pushed to their limits. Watch them closely, as you may need to de-ice them multiple times a day as ventilator and high-flow utilization increases in your hospital. Consider renting a “back-up” liquid oxygen system (on trailers) and connect it to your oxygen system if you are anticipating being hit with a heavy demand by patient condition. Other things to consider for managing resources include:

1. Get oxygen flow meters and oxygen concentrators.

2. IV pumps and modules: Make sure you get extra, because vented patients require a lot of modules.

3. With doors closed on medical floors and without central monitoring, it is critical to have a way to monitor pulse oximeters.

Everyone in the United States is grateful and appreciative for all that Healthcare workers are doing to battle Covid-19. Please remember to communicate as often as possible with staff – they need to know the organization is behind them in every way possible.

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