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Keeping Exit Corridors Clear

By August 22, 2019C&A Blog

Blocked exits, clutter in exit corridors, items stored in stairwells and patient care equipment in egress corridors presents daily challenges for everyone in healthcare.  Here are a few items that will be focused on during survey – 1) patient care equipment must be in use (defined as moving within a 30 minute period), 2) Exit corridors need to remain free of obstructions – store equipment in dead-end spaces, alcoves or other storage areas and 3) Do not place benches, seats or furniture in exit corridors.

Here is the test – if you stand under an ‘exit’ sign in the middle of the corridor – look down that corridor and you should be able to clearly see to the ‘exit’ entry point of the stairwell.  If you cannot visualize the exit door – you have a life safety deficiency.

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