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Improper Use of Antiseptics/Surgical Preps prior to an operative procedure

By November 12, 2019C&A Blog

Improper Use of Antiseptics/Surgical Preps prior to an operative procedure will result in a deficient practice under “The hospital implements its infection prevention and control plan” area.  Please review your processes in this area.

From the field:

Deficient Practice Statement:  Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for use for skin antiseptics may create several types of risks

Observations noted:

Failure to use surgical and/or skin preparation products and antiseptics in a manner consistent with manufacturer’s instructions for use as evidenced by:

  • The skin prep product used was expired.
  • The staff member prepped more than the maximum area that the applicator will cover.
  • Instructions for the skin prep stated that it should be applied using a back-and-forth motion for 2 minutes in moist areas such as the inguinal fold or armpit. The product was applied to the groin using back-and-forth motion for only 30 seconds.
  • Product was applied in a location (for example, ears, eyes, mucous membrane) contraindicated by the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • The staff member applied the antiseptic and then blew on and fanned the site to promote drying.
  • Staff in the neonatal intensive care unit were unaware that the chosen antiseptic was associated with increased risk of irritation and chemical burns in infants under 2 months of age.

All processes in surgical areas are under intense scrutiny, please ensure staff are competent and understand the implications for the patient as well as compliance.

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