Human Resources Management for Healthcare Providers: unlock your organization’s potential


Whuman resources management for healthcare providershen your greatest resource is at risk, effective human resources management strategies provide the foundation to achieve better outcomes for patients and providers. Human Resources Management in healthcare, focuses on the critical concepts for workforce management in healthcare settings.

To better meet the challenges of the healthcare industry, organizations  need to continually improve the quality of the services they provide; streamline their clinical delivery and support systems, and transform their human resources management accordingly. The degree to which organizations manage the staff issues may determine the ongoing success of health care institutions. This course offered by Courtemanche & Associates, serves as a comprehensive foundation for all aspects of human resources planning, qualifications, and administration and is vital to leaders of all levels.

Learn & Apply

  • An overview of regulatory requirements
  • Survey approaches and troublesome compliance areas
  • Tips for Success in managing staff for better patient and safety outcomes

Meet the course instructor on Human Resources Management for Healthcare Providers

Carol Mooney MSN, RN, CPHQ  has a background in regulatory requirements, accreditation and standards development and interpretation. She recently was responsible for the development of program standards with incorporation of CMS requirements for multiple programs including Hospital, Rural Health Clinics, Patient-Centered Care, Oncology Patient-Centered Care, Palliative Care, End-Stage Renal and Dialysis Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, International Hospital, and International Clinics and Medical Centers. With her extensive healthcare experience, Carol serves as a knowledgeable resource to new and existing clients, helping to guide them through their accreditation and regulatory needs.

Learn effective strategies in managing staff to better meet the challenges of healthcare organizations and improve the quality of services they provide. Interested in our Nursing Contact Hours opportunity?

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