Hospital Quality Star Ratings for 2020

We want to take a moment and say “Congratulations” to the 1543 Healthcare organizations to receive CMS ratings in the 4 and 5 Star level.

We know this is a tremendous accomplishment as there are hundreds of measures and outcomes that must be achieved and sustained over time. Remember, the overarching goal of the Overall Hospital Rating is to improve the usability and interpretability of information posted on Hospital Compare, a website designed for consumers to use along with their healthcare provider to make decisions on where to receive care.

CMS developed this methodology with the input of a broad array of stakeholders to summarize results of many measures currently posted on Hospital Compare. The Overall Hospital Rating provides consumers with a simple overall rating generated by combining multiple dimensions of quality into a single summary score.

For those organizations achieving the 4 and 5 Star rating – keep up the great work. For those organizations who may have been passed over on these ratings, please take a moment and review the process of reporting data to CMS. You may be providing great patient care that is simply not translating over in the data that this being reported due to small volumes or other minor administrative issues. Courtemanche and Associates are here to help Organizations achieve/maintain accreditation as well as improve the overall level of Quality provided within a healthcare organization.

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