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HELP!: Engaging the Board

By August 29, 2018C&A Blog

Many times, we are asked how to engage leaders, including the Board in the survey process. This may not seem possible, but it is! Below are helpful tips on successfully engaging your board:

  • Explain the new TJC survey process
  • Show the SaferMatrix
    • Provide an example of scoring
      • Assure they understand requirements if RFIs are in the red
    • Invite Senior Leaders and Board members to participate in mini tracers and/or patient interviews
    • Educate the Board and Senior Leaders about involvement in the survey
      • Opening Session
      • Leadership Session
    • Help them understand that it is no longer about the numbers!
      • This is often hard for Senior Leaders, especially the CFO

Many times, we fail to include Senior Leaders and the Board because we think they are too busy. They can’t participate and learn if someone doesn’t invite them to the table. Include them as a crucial part of a successful survey, because they are.

Sharon Dills

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