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HELP! Hints to Engage Leaders Proactively: A Needs Assessment

By October 29, 2018C&A Blog

Do you really know what is working and what isn’t working in your organization? Many times, we are confident that we know our strengths and opportunities; however, the assumptions may not be accurate. What is one of the best ways to determine? Conduct a needs assessment.

Just as we conduct a need’s assessment in the community to determine what is needed to help improve health; the same process should be followed in your organization. To get the best information . . . ask!

Don’t forget to include the following:

  • Frontline staff
  • Medical Staff
  • Senior Leaders
  • Directors/Managers/Supervisors
  • Board Members
  • Patients

Each of these groups will have different responses; and, some may be surprising! This will assist the organization in making improvements and sustaining successes. Don’t be concerned about talking with patients/family members. They will provide honest answers based on care delivered and provide valuable insight to improving care. After collecting the information from all groups, analyze the strengths and opportunities. Provide a list to all the staff and ask for feedback. What makes care successful and safe and what keeps it from being the best it can be. Again, assess the replies. This time prioritize the organization’s opportunities and create a plan to improve the top five and then continue to work through the list of opportunities. It is imperative to share this with Senior Leaders and the Board.

As with any need’s assessment, it will be important to conduct this at various times throughout the year. Ensure that feedback is provided to all key stakeholders to maintain interest and involvement.  Often, it is easy to get lost in all the areas that need improving and lose sight of the positive and best practices that exist.

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