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From the C&A Classroom: Taking the Pro-active Course of Action: Risk Assessment, Planning, Evaluation and Improvement


The most recent C&A webinar course focuses on risk assessment as a proactive strategy for achieving compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements while also ensuring organizations achieve the safest standards of patient care.  A risk assessment is a systematic process for evaluating potential risks in a process or the environment. We define risk as potential that a hazard will cause harm, and hazard as anything that can cause harm.

We asked, “Have you ever performed a risk assessment in your organization?” Sixty percent (60%) of course participants replied yes that they had performed a risk assessment as part of a team. Forty percent (40%) said they had not performed a risk assessment.

In another question, we queried, “If you were surveyed in the last 12 months did a surveyor ask for a risk assessment?” Fifty percent (50%) of participants said that the surveyor did ask for a risk assessment.

We also asked, “If you provided a risk assessment to a surveyor, did it help prevent the organization from receiving a RFI?” Eighty percent (80%) said they did not know while 20% said yes.

Risk assessments are tools that allow organizations to look systematically at facilities, processes and functions in great detail. Looking through the lens of risk identification allows organizations to identify hazards, gauge the associated risks and take action before safety events occur.

Here is one risk assessment tool that focuses on facilities as a foundation for identifying risk and actions that can be taken.

If you are interested in Taking the Pro-active Course of Action: Risk Assessment, Planning, Evaluation and Improvement, which provides multiple tools to get you started, you can register here. The course is open through April 29th, and is conducted in our eClassroom  an online learning environment where you can take the course at your own pace.

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