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From the C&A Classroom: Getting on Track with the PC Requirements: Tackling Those Long-Standing Issues

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This month Senior Consultants at Courtemanche & Associates, Nancy McLean and Darlene Christiansen, presented a webinar focused on the Provision of Care (PC) requirements – what’s been scoring in The Joint Commission standards as well as new trends that are emerging. The presentation focused on areas including anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, behavioral health and others with an emphasis on the need for documentation, being sure that all materials are developed from an evidence-based perspective and that the process for care planning is inclusive of all staff relevant to patient care, including the issuance of orders and hand-off reporting.  Ms. McLean began by reminding us that CMS is continuing an emphasis on care planning and is prompting the accreditation agencies to do the same. She states, “Make sure care plans are in place. You can incorporate nurse plans into other area plans by creating an interdisciplinary care plan, just be sure it is well documented.”

Accurate and complete documentation and communication is a major theme. Whether it be ensuring that pre-anesthesia assessments are completed within 48 hours and are well documented, or that the hand-off reports incorporate all of the information that is needed for the safe transfer of care of the patient from one professional to the next or from the organization to the next care setting are also well documented.  Ms. McLean reminds us that assessment tools should include evidence-based criteria such as the SADD person scale, Aldrete, Braden Scale and others. “Based on the results of the evidence-based tools, determine if the patient is ‘at risk’ for whatever the tool measures and if yes, then develop a care plan.”

Taking an extensive look at behavioral health was another example of how PC requirements must be met. Dr. Christiansen emphasized that a comprehensive staff orientation and training is critical to any PC plan. She reminded us to look at policies and be sure the policy meets the PC requirement and that the policy has been developed using evidence.
Whether it is anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, discharge planning or other care planning, the bottom line in meeting Provision of Care requirements is to be sure patient goals are identified and that progress toward goals are being measured.

Coming Up:
Pre-recorded Webinar to be Released September 21, 2015
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