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From the C&A Classroom: Experiences from the Field

From-C&A-Classroom-WebIn this month’s course, Experiences from the Field, C&A Senior Consultant Sharon Dills asked the group, “In what way(s) will you change your TJC preparation based on today’s webinar information?”

One participant wrote, “This makes me excited. I am new to this job, and have just started doing tracers. I have already visited two of my outlying clinics this month. This webinar gives me specific things to focus on.” Another participant proposed that conducting monthly mini-tracers will be good to promote ongoing survey readiness. Sharon replied, “I love tracers! I think tracers are an incredible way to let us not only identify gaps between process and practice but as importantly bond with and prep staff for surveyor questions. Tracers are definitely a great way to improve patient outcomes and care.”

In thinking about other possibilities, a participant wrote, “I think that adding a proactive risk assessment to the monthly tracer activity will provide a greater awareness to identifying areas that warrant process improvement.” Sharon suggested that the upcoming course on proactive risk assessment will be very valuable at helping participants tease out different kinds of activity to drive their survey and ongoing readiness efforts.

Sharon summarized that survey readiness is the ultimate path to achieving the highest standards in patient safety. Conducting tracers, mock surveys and risk assessments are all good strategies to help you identify your strengths and vulnerabilities. These activities can help you develop action plans. Action plans are a road map with implementation as the goal.

Coming Up March 14th:

Taking the Proactive Course of Action: Risk Assessment, Planning, Evaluation and Improvement

Take a dive into processes for assessing risk in healthcare organizations and developing mitigation strategies to address identified issues. Benefit from shared wisdom of colleagues.

  • Discuss the use of risk assessment as a critical component of the organization’s safety and performance improvement program
  • Examine examples of tools that can guide the risk assessment process
  • Determine the appropriate players and how to engage them in assessment of risk and mitigation strategies to create change
  • Provide a completed risk assessment
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