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Fire Safety Management – EC 02.03.01

By August 14, 2019C&A Blog

Do Physicians and other Licensed Independent Practitioners KNOW what their role or what the expectation is from the Fire Plan?

Does the organizations written fire plan describe the specific roles of staff and licensed independent practitioners at and away from a fire’s point of origin, including when and how to sound and report fire alarms, how to contain smoke and fire, how to use a fire extinguisher, how to assist and relocate patients, and how to evacuate to areas of refuge?  Staff and licensed independent practitioners are periodically instructed on and kept informed of their duties under the plan, including cooperation with firefighting authorities.

Is the a copy of the written fire response plan readily available with the telephone operator or security.

Physicians and other LIP’s will be asked during survey what their roles are during Fire’s and Fire Drills – if you have not addressed this, you are at risk of being non-compliant with this Element of Performance.




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