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From the C&A Classroom: Experiences from the Field: A Snapshot of Survey Findings and Survey Stories

In the C&A online education course, Experiences from the Field: A Snapshot of Survey Findings and Survey Stories, course instructor and C&A Senior Consultant Sharon Dills surveyed participants about their recent survey experiences. Enjoy this article to review the questions asked, responses and a few helpful survey hints.

Prior to participating in the January webinar, a poll was sent to participants. The poll questions were:

  • Were you surveyed by TJC within the last 18 months?
  • Did your organization receive more RFIs this survey?
  • Did you receive RFIs in any of these areas EC, LS, and/or IC?
  • Did you find the RFIs to be written more concisely and strategically?
  • Did you plan, prep, or do more for this survey than previous surveys? If yes, what did you do?

Of the organizations that responded:

  • 75% were surveyed in the last 18 months
  • 75% received more RFIs
  • 50% thought the RFIs were written more strategically
  • 50% did more prep

This snapshot is similar to the experiences we are seeing through our work in the field. In 2015, organizations we are familiar with received on average 20 RFIs during survey. As expected, the majority of the RFIs were in the environment of care and life safety. Surveyors are looking at organizations with greater intensity than in the past with an emphasis on infection control, environment of care and life safety. Survey findings are also being documented with greater specificity: “staff member confirmed”, “organization received RFI in 2013 and is being cited again”, and “three of four staff asked could not answer the question”.

The organizations who answered our questionnaire that indicated they had prepared more noted that they did so by performing one or more of the following activities:

  • Quality rounds with mini mock surveys using a multi-disciplinary team
  • Used managers/directors as “surveyors” to conduct focused tracers

Stay tuned to next month’s From the C&A Classroom to hear more from Ms. Dills and our participants in the Experiences from the Field course.

Do you wish you could take the class and learn more? It’s not too late! The course opened January 25th in C&A’s new eClassroom, a 24/7 online learning platform and is comprised of three instructional videos, suggested reading, application exercises and a discussion board to get and keep you ready for survey. The course runs through March 10th . If interested, you can still register here.

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