Course Category: Essential Courses

Moderate Sedation

Moderate Sedation and Patient Safety go hand in hand for providers and nursing staff who use sedation for diagnostic and treatment procedures in hospital and ambulatory settings and must meet regulatory requirements. Learn how to use performance tracing to meet TJC and CMS requirements for sedation safety.

Fire Drill Essentials

Life safety aka Fire Safety is essential in healthcare settings. Enroll in this course to hone fire response and meet regulatory requirements.

Complaints & Grievances

Sometimes confusion exists between complaints and grievances and what regulatory and accreditation expectations mean. This essentials course provides clarity for hospitals and other healthcare settings on how to respond to complaints and grievances.

EOC Rounding Quick Tips

Rounding in the physical environment to identify safety issues and fire threats is complex and challenging. Use these essential tips to exceed CMS and TJC expectations, reduce your workload and maintain a safe environment.

Surgical Site Infection Prevention – Hospitals

Experts estimate that 60% of surgical site infections are preventable. Learn about the latest recommendations including the 7S Bundle and patient engagement strategies to focus staff, providers and patients on this common goal.

Long Term Care Course Bundle

This 6 – Course bundle provides Infection Prevention & Control guidance, survey process tips, PPE, and environmental management.

Managing Flexible Endoscopes

Learn necessary staff competencies and critical steps for cleaning, disinfecting and storing endoscopes properly to minimize potential harm for all patients.

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