CMS Preventing Covid-19 in Hospitals: Retooling Infection Prevention Practices


Preventing Covid-19 with PPE

CMS and CDC have introduced Interim Guidance to assist healthcare organizations in preventing Covid-19 in Hospitals and Continuing Care Settings. Management of this virus is critical for the health and safety of all healthcare patients, staff and visitors. Hospital and continuing care staff may lack knowledge of the changes to patient care for COVID-19 patient management and PPE use in care settings.

CMS has created a focused survey tool for healthcare personnel to assist them with compliance regarding new protocols and changes in infection prevention and control.  Learn the latest expectations and new guidance.

Learn & Apply:

  • Identify approaches that nurses and health care workers can use to prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • Explain screening practices for staff and Covid-19 patients
  • Understand expectations for the use of transmission-based precautions related to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients

Meet the course instructor on CMS Preventing Covid-19 in Hospitals

Judy Courtemanche, President of Courtemanche & Associates, has served healthcare for more than 4 decades as an administrator and nurse. She has worked in many healthcare settings and served in leadership, managerial, educational and nursing roles. In addition, she worked in accreditation as a field surveyor, team leader and faculty for The Joint Commission. She has also served healthcare organizations and systems as a regulatory consultant and educator for the past 25 years, troubleshooting and assisting physicians, leaders and staff to successfully overcome regulatory challenges through understanding, education and creative solutions for difficult issues.

Learn more about the Covid-19 focused survey process CMS is using for Hospitals and Continuing Care staff to assist with infection prevention & control. Interested in our Nursing Contact Hours opportunity?

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