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CMS Oversight Increases!

By October 29, 2018C&A Blog

Over the last couple of years, CMS has assessed Accrediting Organizations (AO) to assure compliance with the Conditions of Participation (CoPs). The goal of CMS is to improve quality and safety. The CoPs provide a minimum standard of care for healthcare organizations to implement. Typically, CMS conducted an average of 5% validation surveys. Due to the disparity rate, which continues to be higher than the allowed 20%, CMS has increased validation surveys to 7%.

CMS will do the following to increase oversight of AOs:

  • Post AOs performance data
  • Redesign the validation survey process
  • Release annual reports to Congress
  • Analyze and integrate State complaints

In addition, CMS has requested a budget of $421, which is a $26 million dollar increase from past years. If the budget is approved, it will allow CMS to perform the following:

  • Increase the amount of initial and recertification surveys
  • Conduct more than 58,000 complaint surveys

Additionally, CMS has proposed that a user fee for revisit surveys, which could allow for an estimated increase of $14 million dollars in revenue.

All of these may seem punitive, however, these efforts combined with CMS’ CoPs and AOs standards will improve patient safety and quality and provide important information to healthcare consumers.


CMS retrieved from www.cms.gov
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