We have the opportunity to influence healthcare in a multitude of ways. If we can change a practice that affects one patient, we have provided a valuable service. However, most of our work affects many and improves safety and patient care for many more.

Judy Courtemanche, Senior Consultant, President Chief Advisor

I love that I can assist many organizations in their journey toward excellence. I’m simultaneously honored and humbled that my experience and knowledge can provide not only improvement to the organization but solace to the “survey coordinator” who needs an understanding colleague

Jill Ryan, CEO, Senior Consultant

My belief that all patients deserve the right to be cared for in a manner that is safe and promotes ultimate functioning to the best of their ability. That patients deserve to be treated with dignity in an atmosphere that is patient-centered. That staff, including medical staff & leadership, can’t do that if they don’t have the proper tools.

Sharon Dills, Senior Consultant

Meet our healthcare accreditation & regulatory compliance team – collectively sharing more than two centuries of healthcare knowledge, wisdom & guidance.

Ms. Courtemanche is the President of Courtemanche and Associates. With more than 40 years of  healthcare management and leadership experience, Ms. Courtemanche is an advocate for enhancing patient safety  by weaving regulatory compliance into an organization’s culture and foundations for care.

Ms. Courtemanche has authored several publications to assist organizations with ongoing Joint Commission (TJC) compliance and performance improvement, including: Performance Tracing: A Guide to Tracer Methodology and the SOAR TO SUCCESS.

She has served as a member of The Joint Commission Consultant Forum, on the Editorial Review Board for NAHQ, and as member and faculty for professional organizations and associations, such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), and American Hospital Association (AHA). She is a national speaker and previously served as a Surveyor, Faculty, and Team Leader at The Joint Commission where she was responsible for facilitating team performance during surveys, surveying standards, and providing on site education and consultation.

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Pat Cook is a Client Experience Professional and a Senior Consultant at Courtemanche & Associates.  Working in collaboration with the C&A Leaders, Pat manages Courtemanche & Associate’s business development initiatives and provides consulting services and support. With her extensive healthcare experience, Pat serves as a knowledgeable resource to new and existing clients, helping to guide them through their accreditation and regulatory needs.

Mrs. Cook has nearly four decades of healthcare administrative and regulatory experience.  Her career in healthcare began within Pharmacy Services where she served in multiple leadership positions including Drug Distribution Supervisor, Assistant Director of Pharmacy and Director of Pharmaceutical Care. Her experience with regulatory compliance, licensure and accreditation spans over 20 years and involved survey coordination and survey readiness and response across hospital, long term care, ambulatory care, behavioral health and home care practice services.

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Synergy: Promoting collaborative relationships for performance improvement, we enhance systematic outcomes.

Excellence: Providing quality in service and response, we meet our client needs.

Sharon Dills currently serves as Senior Consultant with Courtemanche and Associates. As a consultant and educator on Joint Commission (TJC) and regulatory compliance matters, Ms. Dills assists clients with Ongoing Accreditation Readiness and Priority Focus processes, providing on‐site system evaluations, consultations, education, and training. As an educator in healthcare, Ms. Dills has implemented solutions to improve patient care and regulatory outcomes. For example, she developed a system-wide tracer team and educated the participants, created numerous regulatory forms/audits to ensure and monitor compliance, and served as Chair for patient‐related research projects. She is an experienced regulatory evaluator, Magnet advisor and recently received certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt. In addition to Joint Commission (TJC) requirements, she is well versed in the requirements and survey processes of accrediting organizations and regulatory agencies such as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), DNV Healthcare and others.

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Amy Goyer, Business Office Assistant at Courtemanche & Associates, processes expenses, works with AR & AP functions and fields calls from clients and vendors.

Amy received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Business. She has a background in retail management and teaching pre-school.  Amy also has spent a bulk of her time performing volunteer work.

Amy is based in the Charlotte, NC, office.

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Integrity: Adhering to a strict moral and ethical code, we assure fair
and impartial appraisals and delivery of accurate results.

Confidentiality: Safeguarding organizational information, we pledge to keep privileged information in strict confidence.

Ronda Katzman, Chief Operations Officer at Courtemanche & Associates Healthcare Synergists, is responsible for oversight and management for Finance, Budget Control, Asset Acquisition, Human Resources Management, Benefit Management, Employee Performance, and related organizational areas.

Ronda has extensive experience in business performance and operations management, implementing structures and systems to refine and maximize organizations for overall performance efficiency.  She has served key roles in business and operations management in a variety of settings including property management, non-profit, independent education and small business consulting.  Ronda received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is currently pursuing her MBA.

Ronda is based in the Charlotte, NC, office.

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Kimberly Merritt is an Associate Consultant with Courtemanche and Associates.  In this role, she is responsible for assessing healthcare organizations’ readiness for licensing, accreditation, and regulatory compliance.  Kimberly also assists organizations with post-survey activities and follow-up, patient safety strategies, and quality improvement initiatives. Kimberly has more than 28 years of experience working in varying healthcare positions, most notably serving as a member of the medical team in the U.S. Airforce since 1994. Clinically, Kimberly is a licensed nurse with extensive experience ranging from home health to perioperative services as well as leadership expertise in managing many aspects of healthcare operations. She is trained in the application, teaching, and facilitation of the requirements and recommendations of The Joint Commission, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other regulatory and accrediting agencies.

Kimberly’s extensive Airforce experience has included administrative oversight of more than 80 personnel, managing a multi-million dollar budget and leading OR activities. She was the lead Airforce representative for Department of Defense perioperative electronic health record development and system evaluation. Kimberly was awarded an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC) fellowship where she reviewed standards, answered inquiries, participated in board meetings, participated in accreditation activities and updated electronic documentation systems.

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Martin J. Piepoli is a Senior Consultant with Courtemanche & Associates Healthcare Synergists. Marty provides support to organizations in the areas of Life Safety Code® compliance and the Environment of Care, performance improvement, patient safety and clinical care requirements. He has expertise in The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements, DNV Healthcare survey process as well as other accrediting agencies. He has served as faculty and speaker for Patient Safety, Patient Rights, Restraint, Human Resources, and other regulatory compliance issues. He has been trained in The Joint Commission’s Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, Home Care, Ambulatory, Nursing Care Center and Behavioral Health.

Mr. Piepoli continually keeps abreast of the latest requirements and interpretations related to the Life Safety Code®, Environment of Care and Emergency Management issues, attending national educational conferences provided by The Joint Commission, the National Fire Protection Agency and the American Society for Healthcare Engineers. Marty is author of the C&A Life Safety Document Review Organizer System, a resource for maintaining required testing and maintenance documentation for building fire safety and related features, and has served as a contributing author of SOAR (Score Ongoing Accreditation Readiness) To Success for Home Care.

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Teamwork: Working together, we forge relationships that create the foundation for success.

Knowledge: Educating our clients and ourselves, we enable the integration of new concepts and approaches to achieve organizational goals

Results: Focusing on results, our clients have consistently achieved high TJC accreditation scores.

Board of Directors

Jill Ryan is a member of the Board of Directors and a special projects consultant at Courtemanche & Associates. In this role, Jill supports the mission, philosophy and vision of C&A through guidance on strategic initiatives and consultation on special projects and activities.

Ms. Ryan has nearly three decades of healthcare administrative and regulatory experience and has served as survey coordinator and patient safety officer, facilitating numerous successful Joint Commission surveys, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) surveys and state surveys. Jill has worked in senior leadership for the majority of her career and has demonstrated skills in governance and medical staff relations, leadership and management development, quality and performance improvement, facilitation of strategic initiatives and the creation of infrastructure to support operational growth and business goals.

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Kerrie Bellisario is a member of the Board of Directors and a special projects consultant at Courtemanche & Associates. In this role, Kerrie supports the mission, philosophy and vision of C&A through guidance on strategic initiatives and consultation on special projects and activities.

Ms. Bellisario has nearly twenty-five years of leadership experience in small business, nonprofit and higher education venues working in healthcare, science, the arts and cultural heritage arenas. Drawing on her cross-industry experiences, Ms. Bellisario specializes in developing strategic partnerships that bolster mutuality of organizational mission, vision and goals. Whether resulting in new revenue lines, deepening community engagement or enabling the ability to strengthen services, Kerrie’s core strengths are communication, relationship-building and envisioning possibilities that drive innovation across all industry segments.

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